Course Name Description
Usul al-Quran

This course covers the research method in studying the Quran.

Usul al-Hadith

Develop the ability to evaluate the sources of hadith and safeguard against any false attributions being placed upon the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him).

Usul al-Fiqh


Law of Inheritance

Inheritance (mirath) is the study of the law which outlines what happens to one's wealth after they die - who will inherit and how much they will receive.

Law of Commerce

Commercial law is concerned with obligations between parties to commercial transactions and the relationship with rules of property. Emphasis is placed on both knowledge of principles and the ability to apply the rules of law to achieve practical solutions using classical sources as reference. Topics include: contract formation, consideration, rights to return and nullifcation of contract.

Password: hidayah

Law of Hajj

Learn the obligations in hajj.

Law of Zakat

Learn the essentials of zakat including who must pay zakat, on what property, how much, and to whom

Family law

Family law deals with obligations relating to family matters and domestic relations.

Computing in Arabic

The course introduces you to using Arabic in computers with an emphasis on displaying, reading and inputting Arabic text. This, in turn, will allow you to conduct research using tools available online as well as create content for dissemination in Arabic.