Title Summary

Objective: Develop a tool to convert classical Islamic units of weight, volume, length, area, speed, time, sound, and currency. 

Quraysh Map all members of the Quraysh from its onset to the era of the sahabah .
Halal Checker

Scan and check legal ruling of the ingredients stated on the packaging.

Musnid al-Hind

Objective: Map the sanad of Shah Wali Allah Dihlawi.

Haydh tracker

The aim of this project is to provide a tool which will aid in the identification of haydhnifas, and istihadha.

London BI

This project informs about the demographic of and the resources available to Muslims in Greater London. This is done through data driven research will allow for stakeholders to make informed decisions. Our mission is to discover the Islamic societies, institutions and resources available in Greater London area for the benefit of the Muslims at large.

Alim Course Handbook