Commercial law

Commercial law deals with obligations related to the transfer of property between people.


Commercial law is concerned with obligations between parties to commercial transactions and the relationship with rules of property. Emphasis is placed on both knowledge of principles and the ability to apply the rules of law to achieve practical solutions using classical sources as reference. Topics include: contract formation, consideration, rights to return and nullification of contract.

Core Reading

Hidayah fi Sharh Bidayat al-Mubtadi of Allm Burhan al-Din Marghinani (d. 593) with Hashiyat of Allm. Abd al-Hayy Lacknawi (d. 1304) and Dirayah of Hf. Ibn Hajar Asqalani (d. 852).

Nuqayah of Sadr al-Shariah al-Asghar (d. 747) with Fath al-Bab al-Inayah of Mulla Ali Qari (d. 1014). v. 2 pp. 3-212

Mukhtasar al-Quduri of Allm. Abu Husayn al-Quduri (d. 362) with al-Lubab fi Shah al-Kitab of Allm. Abd al-Ghani al-Maydani (d. 1298). v.2 pp. 3-87

Additional Reading

Fiqh al-Buyu' ala Mazahib al-Arba'ah of Mft. Muhammad Taqi Usmani. In particular Sayghat Muqtarihat li Qanun Bay' al-Islami pp. 1133-1204

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