Lawharwi, Mufti Umar Faruq

Bismillah at the start of a letter

One should write بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم when writing a letter. This is sunnah without doubt when writing to a Muslim or any person who will likely handle the letter with respect. If unsure how it will be treated, it is still worth writing. However, If the letter is likely to be disrespected, the ulama are differed; some say it should still be written whilst others say it should be said but not included. In any case, shortened form or 786 does not fulfill the sunnah.

Preferential treatment in gifting between children

In giving gifts, can one give preferential treatment to some of their children over their other children? If the offspring is a fasiq they may be denied any amount beyond their need. If the offspring is not fasiq, the reason for the preferential treatment will be determined. If the reason is to hurt some of the children, it will be deemed forbidden (makhruh tahrimi). If there is no particular reason, it is disliked (makhruh tanzihi) and equality will be urged. If the there is a reason such as the child is in need or parent wishes to repay a service, it is permissible.

The standard for pricing sadaqat al-fitr

The hanafiyyah allow sadaqat al-fitr to be given in price. The pricing are set using wheat, barley, dates or raisins. The price may be determined through derivatives such as wheat flour so long as it is equivalent or more than the price of wheat or else the price of wheat must be given. One may give more than the prescribed amount but cannot inflate the price to make others give more. Sadaqat al-fitr is half a sa’ for wheat according to the hanafiyyah. The weight in today’s scale varies; 1.575, 1.590, 1.636, 1.64, 1.66 and 2.32 kilograms are suggested.

Divorce given in anger

When should a child be named?

Have wudu whilst in lessons of hadith

In regards to the matter which are considered to act as means to acquiring this light, amongst them is the attendance in class with wudu as well as ensuring not to touch the book without wudu. From the outset this seems to be a minuscule and meager matter, however, in terms of outcome it has extreme impact.

Photos of the ulama

To take a picture of an animate object is Haram without qualification; be it a large picture or small, be it made by hand or new technology. Let alone the unqualified, the qualified are even becoming indulged in this disease.


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