Curriculum Vitae

CV template for the traditionally trained Alim who studied the Dars Nizami curriculum.

Curriculum Vitae

Download: Curriculum Vitae Template v1.1

More and more today, the Ulama are required to provide a curriculum vitae (CV) to establish their credentials. In some cases, it has become a legal requirement. Attached is an editable template of a CV which outlines the general content covered in an Alim programme.

Background: The background information for the Alim curriculum vitae can be found in the Nawhami Bulletin #130222501. It will outline a brief history of the programme, the highlights of the curriculum known as Dars Nizami and finally how it correlates with the modern qualification frameworks.

Permission: This document may be altered without attribution for the production and publication of one’s own CV.

Guidance: Some editing will be required. Add or remove the relevant section. Females should change the title to Alimah. Every detail need not be present; include only the relevant information. Place the most pertinent to your cause first; however, you may opt for a chronological order (latest to oldest) which is standard. Ensure that you account for any gaps in the resume.

A personal statement may be included at the beginning which gives a summary or an indication of your character. A separate cover letter is recommended which relates your skill to your application