Marriage: Offer and acceptance

[Marriage] becomes binding through offer and acceptance. Both the words must be in past tense such as zawwajtu and tazawwatu (I have married you) or it should be an imperative (amr) and a past tense such as zawwijni (marry me)[6] and then he responds, zawwajtu (I married you). [Marriage occurs] even if they did not understand the meaning. Marriage will occur from their statement, ’Given’[9] and ‘Accepted’ without [the pronoun] ‘I’ after [the proposer says] ‘You gave’ or ‘You accepted’ like the case of buying and selling.

The minimum mahr

Allah Almighty has ordained that when a man marries a woman, he must give her something. Is there a minimum? The Ahnaf state ten dirhams, the Malikiyyah state 1/4 of a dinar and the others state no minimum so long as it is of some value.