الكف عن الدنيا

كان ببغداد رجل اسمه رويم. فعرض عليه عليه القضاء فتولاه. فلقيه الجنيد يوما فقال: من أرتد أن يستودع سرّه لمن لا يفشيه فعليه برويم فإنه كتم حب الدنيا أربعين سنة حتي قدلر عليه.

There was, in Baghdad, a pious man. His name was Ruwaym. He was presented with judgeship. So he took responsibility of it. Then one day Junayd [Baghdadi] met him. Whoever wants to securely store their secret to someone who will not spread it, then upon them is [to go to] Ruwaym. He hid his love for the world for twenty years until he was able to get hold of it.