الكف عن الدنيا

كان ببغداد رجل اسمه رويم. فعرض عليه عليه القضاء فتولاه. فلقيه الجنيد يوما فقال: من أرتد أن يستودع سرّه لمن لا يفشيه فعليه برويم فإنه كتم حب الدنيا أربعين سنة حتي قدلر عليه.

There was, in Baghdad, a pious man. His name was Ruwaym. He was presented with judgeship. So he took responsibility of it. Then one day Junayd [Baghdadi] met him. Whoever wants to securely store their secret to someone who will not spread it, then upon them is [to go to] Ruwaym. He hid his love for the world for twenty years until he was able to get hold of it.

Zad #3: الدعاء مخ العبادة

Dua is mubtada. Mukhkh is mudhaf and Ibadah is mudhaf ilayhi. Mudhaf and mudhaf ilayhi combined becomes khabr. Mubtada and khabr combined becomes jumlah ismiyyah khabriyyah.

Abjad Numerals

The abjad numerals is a decimal system which is used in Arabic to number lists. Remember the mnemonic أِبْجَدْ هَوَّزْ حُطِّي كَلِمَنْ سَعْفَص قَرْشَتْ ثَخَذْ ضَظِغْ

Plants in the Quran

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