London BI

We're developing a BI service which facilitates evidence-based decision making in meeting the needs of the Muslim residences of Greater London.

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London BI

Goal: Survey amenities currently available to Muslims in London.

Data to be centrally reliable and locally responsible. Currently, data is fragmented and mistrusted - information sources are disparate and unconnected.

Goal: Develop BI service with functional timely data
Goal: Identify gaps in services and areas of needs for Muslims.

Improve and integrate within institutions to drive decision and make reliable forecasts. Make use of local case to demonstrate value and increase involvement.

OCU BI maturity level

Current level: Absent (Lv 1) - No formal institutional intelligence initiative is in place, or it is in such an early state that it cannot be perceived as such. Data usage is, in general, limited to operational contexts.

Next level: Initial (Lv 2) - The notion of data as a valuable asset that must be provided to certain addresses in an efficient, trustworthy way is perceived in some functional areas, and some local initiatives arise. Small scale, local success stories regarding data analysis services may happen.

Desired level: Consolidated (Lv 4) - Institutional Intelligence is clearly established as a permanent, global, visible, and valued program resulting in an effective internal service. Several data products targeted to different user groups and covering different functional areas have been created and are actively used.