Zad #3: الدعاء مخ العبادة

Dua is the essence of worship

By Muhammad Saifur Rahman Nawhami – 7 Jumada II 1438 | 6 March 2017

الدعاء مخ العبادة

Trans: Dua is the essence of worship

Vocabulary –

Dua (ن) Lit. To ask, supplicate, call.

Mukhkh pl. Mikhakh (ن). Lit. marrow, brain, core, essence.

Ibadah (ن) Lit. To worship.

Tarkib –

Dua is mubtada. Mukhkh is mudhaf and Ibadah is mudhaf ilayhi. Mudhaf and mudhaf ilayhi combined becomes khabr. Mubtada and khabr combined becomes jumlah ismiyyah khabriyyah.

Explanation – 

Dua is an ibadah1. Dua is a great ibadah2. Dua is the essence of ibadah3. Do not assume that dua is wasted if is unanswered rather Allah Almighty rewards on the mere act of asking for it is ibadah. He Almighty does not waste any dua; He grant the dua or give recompense in the hereafter. In doing dua we humble our self to Allah, forsake others and seek His grace; this is the essence of ibadah. The example of person who does not dua is like a person who has done hard labour, then was paid but refuses to benefit from that pay. Allah Almighty says, ‘Ask and I will answer’4. So do dua, it in essence is worship.


1. روي الامام أبو داود في سننه أن رسول الله صلي الله عليه و سلم قال الدعاء هو العبادة و سنده صحيح
2. روي الحاكم في مستدركه عن ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما أنه قال الدعاء افضل العبادة. صححه الحاكم و وافق عليه الامام الذهبي و قيل هو موقوف علي قول ابن عباس
3. روي الامام الترمذي الدعاء مخ العبادة و تكلم علي سنده لان فيه ابن لهيعة و هو سيء الحفظ
4. و في سورة الغافر (60) و قال ربكم ادعني استجب لكم